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Elevation Parks were recently awarded the contract to operate Mystic Park, with a planned transition into management on July 1, 2024. As the new park operators, Elevation Parks will be responsible for all trail management and new trail development, uplift services, park safety, and the approval and management of events and commercial operators.

Over the coming months, Elevation Parks will be undertaking significant trail maintenance, new trail development, signage works, and general park improvements. In late 2024, Elevation Parks plan to re-launch Mystic Park with a range of new trails, services, and facilities, including; bike school, café, bike rentals, and a range of new uplift options.

Membership passes for Mystic Park will now be referred to as a ‘Mountain Pass’. Mountain Passes will continue to be available as a single day pass, or an annual pass. No other access pass options will be available.

Elevation Parks has developed an updated membership program, with the new access passes now called a ‘Mountain Pass.’ The new membership program aims to streamline the membership process, while providing better value for local Alpine Shire riders and families. Key program changes include;

  • Move to a single annual renewal date of August 1
  • 25% discount for Alpine Shire residents
  • Change to make Mountain Pass fees inclusive in the Gravity Pass (Uplift) pricing (with Annual
  • Mountain Pass holders to receive a Gravity Pass discount code for bookings)
  • Addition of a Premium Annual Mountain Pass to provide additional Gravity Pass discounting for frequent visitors. These passes have a limited availability.
  • Addition of an eMTB pass

New Mountain Passes are available right away, which includes a free extra month for members who sign up right away.

A full summary of the new Mountain Pass program benefits, along with pass terms and conditions can be found here.

As an existing Mystic Park member, you have two choices;

Move across to the new Mountain Pass program: if you’d like to move across to the new Mountain Pass program, we can sign you up right away! We will reduce your new fees based on the number of months remaining on your current membership. The earlier you sign up, the more value you receive from your new Annual Mountain Pass- membership fees will not be pro rata adjusted for later sign ups. If you would like to move to the new membership model simply contact us here with your member number and we will reply with a payment link.

Do nothing: you are absolutely welcome to continue your current membership for the life of that membership. At the end of your current membership you can elect to not renew, or purchase a new Annual Mountain Pass. Note that if you are starting a new Annual Mountain Pass at this time, you will pay the full Annual Mountain Pass rate- we do not adjust Annual Mountain Pass costs after the August 1 renewal date.

New Waiver

You will also need to complete a new Mystic Park waiver (this waiver must be completed even if you have completed a current Mystic Park waiver). Sign Here

For those who want to ride the Uplift Service without holding an Annual Mountain Pass, there is no longer a need to purchase an Annual or single day Mountain Pass (previously Membership) in addition to your Gravity Pass. The Gravity Pass price includes a Mountain Pass for the inclusive day/s.

Should you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elevation Parks will also offer a range of Season Passes, including a Peak (October- March), Off Peak (April- September), and Full Year passes. A strictly limited number of passes will be released in year one, with those missing out on passes suggested to purchase a Premium Annual Mountain Pass. A release date for season passes will be announced shortly.