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Do I have to book in advance or can I just show up on the day?

Whilst not compulsory we highly recommend booking in advance to avoid missing out. As we cater our uplift to demand, even during off-peak periods we often sell out! A walk-in on-the-day booking fee of $5 also applies.

I ride mostly beginner green trails, should I get a Gravity Pass?

At this stage, this Uplift only accesses intermediate and higher riding terrain. If you are a beginner, we suggest sticking to the trail riding options via our Mountain Pass. Beginner-friendly uplift options will be launched in late 2024.

What time is the first and last uplift?

Our regular uplifts start at 9:30 am and if you’re in the queue by 4 pm we’ll get you up for your last lap. You can see our operating hours HERE.

Can I drive my own Uplifts?

Our uplift road is leased to us by a private company and is used by a range of other road users. Our lease conditions mandate that there are strictly no private vehicles to use our uplift road.

Do I need to also have an Annual Mountain Pass to ride on the Uplift?

No your Gravity Pass includes a 1-Day Mountain Pass for the inclusive day, so there’s no need to purchase an additional Mountain Pass for the day you are riding the Uplift. If you hold an Annual Mountain Pass, you should’ve been given a promo code to discount your Gravity Pass accordingly.

Do I need to purchase a 1-Day Mountain Pass when I’ve got a Gravity Pass?

Your Gravity Pass includes a 1-Day Mountain Pass for the inclusive day, so there’s no need to purchase an additional Mountain Pass for the day you are riding the Uplift. If you hold an Annual Mountain Pass, the Gravity Pass is discounted to accommodate this via your booking promo code.

What happens if I purchase my annual Mountain Pass after August 1st?

Our Annual Mountain Passes have a single renewal date and are not adjusted for late pass purchases. The earlier you purchase your pass, the more you can save.

I already hold a Hive Pass annual membership, what are my options?

If you hold a current Mystic Park membership through Hive Pass you have 2 options:

Option 1- do nothing. Your pass will expire on your current expiration date. From there you can purchase a new Mountain Pass with us, or simply let your membership lapse. Note that the date you purchase your Mountain Pass will not be back-dated, nor will the annual pass cost be pro rata reduced.

Option 2- transition your membership to a new Annual Mountain Pass. Our team will pro rata reduce the new membership cost based on the number of months you have remaining on your current membership.

Why is the price higher for eMTBs?

In line with international facilities and representative of the additional mileage, associated trail wear of eMTB’s there is a slightly higher price point for those with pedal assist bikes. This extra charge will assist in trail maintenance, while also progressing investment into more direct, eMTB-specific climbing trails.

What times can I access the Trail Network?

Annual Mountain Pass holders can access the trail network at any time (excluding closures for weather, timber harvesting, or other operational reasons). Single Day Mountain Pass holders must only access the park in normal daylight hours, and only via the main access gate on Coronation Avenue.

When are you taking over at Mystic Park?

We currently intend to kick off on July 1 2024. We will initially keep operations much the same (just with much more maintenance), before re-launching the facility in late 2024 with a range of new trails and facilities.

When are you recruiting?

We will be progressively recruiting over the coming months. You can lodge an EOI now via our employment page.

Will you prioritise employing locals?

Absolutely! We are very keen to maximise local employment, particularly for staff currently employed at Mystic Park. 

Are you going to turn Mystic into a flow trail park?

Absolutely not! While we will definitely develop lots of new flow (and jump trails) for beginner and intermediate riders, we will also be working on a number of tech trails to suit more experienced riders. 

Will you still allow other businesses to operate in the park?

Absolutely! While we will require businesses to complete a sign-on and induction process, we have no intention of limiting legitimate operators from conducting their business in the park.

Will self-shuttling be allowed again?

No, we will not be offering self-shuttling.

The uplift is expensive and I’d prefer to pay per lap, can you help?

We will be rolling out a new pay-as-you-go shuttle service on our lower mountain. This uplift will feature much less elevation and access to generally easier flow trails. This service will be available via single or discounted multi-run passes that can be shared amongst family and friends. This is a great way to reduce costs and maximise flexibility! We will have this service in place later in the year.